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The Happs!

June 26, 2007


Finished the Time/Warner Job lastweek.  Pics and a link coming as soon as they get it up on their site.

Friday (the 29th) is the Abacot Gallery Openning!  Should be pretty awesome stuff.  Bring your good intentions and your wallets!


working man, pt. 2

June 12, 2007

working with whitenoise studio in hollywood for a big time/warner web job. lots of illustrations. i’ll post images soon as i’m able!


June 9, 2007

here’s some pics of a new piece in the works, my friend joe’s new Abacot Gallery in chinatown, and my new studio (which is tucked behing the awesome gallery space). we built the wall and desks and such to devide the section, so the space is a little trashed, but construction isn’t finished.  still from these pics you can get an idea of how cool and big the spot is! the first group show is the 29th.  I’ll post a flyer when they’re finished.  should be pretty awesome!