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eff it!

August 14, 2007

normally i wouldn’t bother posting this, but i’ve been helping out a friend assemble this poster for the fuck yeah fest.  the drawing is by raymond pettibone, and i got to spend some time examining the original.  looks like there’s some good bands on the bill too.  see you there…




August 6, 2007


the abacot show on saturday was awesome.  great work by everyone and a lot of fun… below are some preview pics to scratch the surface of the show a little.  if you couldn’t make the opening, you can still stop by.  the flier is posted in a link below!

some of mine…


daniel gibson and kristi arnold’s collaborative work was super amazing…


here’s an example of josearis and then brian’s work…


and here’s the big moster that josearis, brian, and sean chao built for the show.  the pics don’t do it justice.  it’s almost too big too get a shot of.  the body of the beast is inside the gallery, but it’s head comes through the front to the outside… crazy…


in an effort to put something new up…

August 3, 2007


here’s something i recently managed to take a picture of.  blah blah blah…  more comin soon.

inexteriors, abacot gallery pt. 2

August 3, 2007

i haven’t posted in a while, due to being busy as heck, however i’m having a show tomorrow night at abacot…


some of the people i’m in the show with teamed up and built a giant monster.  it’s taken over the gallery, and is completely awesome.  i’ll post pics when i find my camera.  until then, here’s a tiny peek at a piece…


i promise to post more very soon!