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pink is the new burnt orange.

July 29, 2008

here are a couple little jobs i just completed…

the first image is for Mickey Pangilinan who’s art directing the next issue of Nylon Guys, and it’s for an article about food blogs.  the second image is for Justin Page over at SF Weekly, the subject being the SF marathon.  Both of these were super fun to work on, as each gave me a lot of freedom to have fun.  thanks guys!

more to come soon!


calm before the storm…

July 22, 2008

there will soon(-ish) be a huge amount of new work up on here and on my website, as I’m currently pulling stuff together for 6 upcoming shows. In the meantime, the piece above is for a show in san diego this weekend that Mark Murphy is putting together to coincide with the big comicon down there. The theme is superheroes. Below is a recent teeshirt that I did for Bob Schneider.

and below this is a pic of my new bike which I bought from Orange 20 about a month ago. been riding it like crazy everyday. anyways, orange 20 is an amazing bike shop. super small, but packed with awesome stuff and they know their shit to the nines.

as for my bike it’s self, its a customized hybrid from the better parts from the two most recent 925 series redline bikes. either bike alone is great, but now i get to feel super extra special.