shows shows shows!

the above image is called “knuckle inferno” and is a sneak preview from the big tinyshowcase show i’m in in NYC with Erin Althea, Drew Beckmeyer, and Daniel Gibson. there are a lot of other amazing/super rad artists in this show. i’ll post more info about it later, but here’s the flyer for those of you who are curious…

on other BIG news, i’ll be having a show at the comic shop secret headquarters on Aug 15 featuring some of my work about heroes and protagonists. also, they should be fully stocked with issues of shitbeams on the loose. the flyer for this show is below.

on a final note, i’ll also be having another show on the same night, Aug 15th with the amazing Erin Althea at sugar hair salon (don’t ask me how it happened to work out to be on the same night). further details will come shortly, but the good new is these shows are literally down the street from each other. so it’ll be no problem to make it to both! i’ll be riding my bike back and forth all night long.

2 Responses to “shows shows shows!”

  1. maura Says:

    wow. you are one busy guy, mister bertino. congrats on all the shows, etc. i’ve been enjoying what you’ve been posting. absolutely wonderful work. i really dig it. keep up the amazing-ness 🙂 best to you, maura

  2. dropsever Says:

    Your work ROCKS!

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