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dream of the dead

October 28, 2008

here’s another recent illustration.  this one is for my buddy justin page over at the sfweekly.  it’s to go up for the calendar section and the theme is the day of the dead.  it was a lot of fun to do despite the fact that i’ve been sick as all hell for the last week… *sniff* … *cough* …


hot of the pressesses

October 28, 2008

here’s another illo from last week.  this one was for the “hot of the press” section for planadvisor magazine.  i worked with soojin buzelli on this, who is awesome.  absolutely one of the best art directors around.


October 21, 2008

i’ve been super slammed with work lately, so the print shop is on hold for another week.  my apologies for the late arrival of that! as for the above image, this is a piece i just finished for the justin reynolds over at the village voice for an article about a big nyc zombie halloween craziness event.

keep your eyes peeled for new work from upcoming illustrations, art shows, books, and a TV!  i’ll get it all up here as soon as i can finish it all.

print shop

October 10, 2008

very soon my website will have a fully operational shop with several new high-quality archival prints.  the above image is a preview of what’s coming down the pipes.  keep your eyes open.  should be up and running at the beginning of next week.


October 6, 2008

I posted the artwork in an earlier post, but since the album just hit the self I wanted to repost the news of my buddy jared mees’s new cd.  pretty cool stuff!  here’s a link with all the info, music, and a weird animated version of my cover illustration.