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growing babies, sketchbooks, comics, portland bound… and pure magic.

March 29, 2009


Scarlett and Juniper are getting bigger and they’re unbelievably cute.  Here’s a few pics of them and some sketch book doodles.  Also, the bottom image is the title of a new comic story.  The other big news is that Erin, our babies, and myself are moving to Portland Oregon this summer!  We’re really excited to be moving to such a beautiful city.  The music is great there too! At the bottom of this post is a link to one of the most amazing things I’ve seen in a long ass time.


click me to see the magic!


black & white and bird poo all over

March 24, 2009


above is a small spot for SFweekly on the topic of musicians twittering nonsense instead of playing actual music.  working on 4 other project this week, so more post coming shortly…

sleeping babies = doodling daddies

March 4, 2009


my babies are finally starting to sleep on a workable schedule, marking the return of a little time for me to work on drawings and the like.  in that spirit i’m going to try to start posting sketches and experiments along with the usual illustration work stuff.  so here are a couple fun doodles, the black and white was a demo i did for the awesome kids i teach art to.


also, i recently finished some more illustrations work… soon as they appear in print i’ll post them here as well.