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revive the dead! no, the other dead…

April 28, 2009


above is a spot in this weeks SF Weekly about the remaining grateful dead reuniting for a tour.  -AND on other news, my website has been revamped and the print shop is sporting 3 new prints (as promissed before).  also I super slashed all the prices for those of you as broke as I am!  be sure to click on the thumbnails to see the full image…


the best crashes come to those who wait

April 24, 2009


The above image is one of several new prints that will be availlable on my website within the next two days.  Other prints will include the two paintings I’ve posted recently here on the blog.  I’ll also be refashioning my website and updating it with new work, so keep in touch!  and don’t forget to come out to Chinatown on Sat if you’re a LA peep!

the beat grows on…

April 15, 2009


Just got another chance to push the limits and create something that was really interesting to make.  This is for upcoming show currated by Jonathan Belli on April 24th and 25th here in LA, in Chinatown.  Should be a really fun show with some great artists including Erin Althea and Daniel Gibson.  Press release for that is HERE. Hope to see you there!


Also, here’s a two page illustration/spread I did last month for the super great Sarah Garcea at INC magazine.  It just hid the stands so I’m now able to stick this up here.  I should also mention Sarah was a really great to work with!  Super nice and cool!

fenced in

April 2, 2009


first time i’ve had time to paint anything crazy in a while.  the babies have taken up my time for personal work over the last few months, but this Exquisite Corpse piece for Chronical Books gave me the perfect opportunity to do just that.  There are a bunch of really amazing artist participating in this, and I’m honorred to be a part of it.  Thanks to Julia Rothman for putting it together!

keep your job

April 2, 2009


here’s one for an article about the lengths people are going to keep their jobs, for Don Besom at Business Week.  always my pleasure to get to work with Don!