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apocalyptic farming

June 13, 2009


a quick spot for SFweekly… a handful of government officials are trying to turn the city’s golfcourses, backyards, and even sidewalks into farmland.  apparently they’re concerned about the world oil supply running out and SF LITERALLY  turning into a foodless madmax hell-hole.  sounds awesome!



June 11, 2009


in the back

June 9, 2009


here’s another spot fer SF weekly.  this one is about the city screwing this woman out of her job running an antique fair so they could make money off of it.  in the end it was a waste of their time anyway, and the woman got squeezed out needlessly.  talk to y’all soon…

house party!

June 1, 2009


haven’t had much time for blog posting lately, but here’s a fun piece I did recently.  been working on illustrations, and a few other projects, including a show at the riverside art museum with the likes of Taylor McKimens, Travis Millard, Souther Salazar, Megan Witmarsh, Rusty Jordan, and several more.   also, the new shitbeams is comin down the pipes.  i’ll post more info as i get it!  below is one of the several spots i’ve been doin for the SF weekly the last several weeks.  this one was about a city council member getting a boot on his car.