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Falta Pintura

August 28, 2009

Picture 1

My dear dear friend and super tallented artist and musician Daniel (Danny to me) E Gibson has finally started up a blog to share his gifts with the rest of us.  Hells yea!

Also, it looks like I might becoming out of the hospital and getting back to my family and work.  We’re talking days now hopefully!


hospitalized for ever

August 10, 2009


I’d like to apologize for not having posted in so long because I’ve been really busy, or lazy, or for any other reason than the real one.  The real one being that I’ve been stuck in the hospital for 2 months laying in bed barely able to think.  About 2 months ago I got my gullbladder out, and since have been dealing with an insanely painful reoccurring case of panciatitis and some super serious complications that have come frome that.

The good news is I’m having surgery soon,  and it should put an end to all this.  I promise to post more when there’s news.