kiss kiss, tell tell


I’m no longer in the hospital.  Time will tell if I need to go back in, since that surgery got a postponement.  It all depends on how well my “giant” pancreatic  pseudocyst handles being back in the world.  There’s a small chance it might resolve itself.

On other news, while I was in the Hospital I was in a show at the Riverside Art Museum with Sammy Harkham,  Travis Millard, Rusty Jordan, Souther Salazar, Taylor McKimens, Mark Todd, Esther Pearl Watson, Megan Whitmarsh, and many more.  The above image is one of the paintings I did for that show.  In total I had 15 pieces in the show, including a hand full of comic pages.


Also, while I was in the hospital, my buddy Jason Redwood and I were featured in Juxtapoz.  Below are some scans of those pages, so’s you can read em fer yerself, and a small spot I did for SFWeekly while I was still ill…


2 Responses to “kiss kiss, tell tell”

  1. prparim Says:

    nice news !

  2. Keep it together now Says:

    woah skinny guy. got rid of the beard too?
    I almost didnt recognize you

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