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what the BUCK?!

January 12, 2010

As promised, here’s some stills from the 4 animated TV commercials I was doing with BUCK for most of December.  CLICK HERE TO SEE THE VIDEOS! This was really a dream job.  The client was and they were willing to really get wacky which was awesome, and Ryan Honey, Joe Mullins, and the whole buck crew were just super amazing.  So strange to see my drawings animated!!!

this last still didn’t get used in this exact way, but I like it so I thought it’d be fun to post it here.  Anyways, go check em out!


date night gone ghetto-fabulous!

January 12, 2010

Just finished this illustration for Ryan Olbrysh over at the Las Vegas Weekly.  Ryan was great to work for.  Super nice guy.  This piece is about the film festival Cine-Fest there closed down this year, and how film screenings are now a backyard event…  or an apartment event as it’s shown here.

bitchin dude

January 5, 2010

i know this isn’t an art related post BUT… i got my new bike build basically finished.  need to tweak a couple things, but I’m pretty happy with it!  the frame is a leader 722ts steel track frame.  I shopped around for a long time to pick out a frame that i really liked and for the price this is a no-brainer!  also here’s a pic of me with a couple of my super ladies!  happy new year!

I promise to post more art very shortly!