new comic around the bend!

There was a time when I only cared about comics.  Before going to Art Center, my understanding of art was entirely through the lens of comics with the exclusion of all else.  My understanding of art has obviously evolved since then, but my first love will remain with comics.  Truth is it’s a really amazing time for funnybooks!  There’s so many great cartoonists doing such a huge range of work it’s too much for me to keep track of!  And the language is always evolving.

During the last week I’ve been hard at work on my new panphlet style comic, and it’s been amazing!  I’ve made a few comics over the last couple of years infrequently, but this is the first project I’ve worked on since my early twenties where all of the pistons are firing and I’m really having fun!  It feels like I’m coming home after years away.  I’ll be doing this comic on a regular basis, and I’m really excited!  Each issue will have a handful of different stories.  Some will be ongoing while others will be shorts.  The title of the series has yet to be decided, but for those of you going to MOCCA this April, I’ll be there with books in hand! I’ll post more info when it’s ready!

And, keep your eyes peeled for some more illustration work popping up this week!

2 Responses to “new comic around the bend!”

  1. bill Says:

    cool! i’s excited!

  2. lj Says:

    me too

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