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reviews, friends, and a buttload of links

May 19, 2010

Here’s a few new reviews for Trigger #1 from All Too Flat, Meathaus, and Optical Sloth.  While I was scouting around for reviews I came across this old review of my early mini comic also called Trigger, from The Comics Journal.  Pretty amusing to find that.  Anyway, more reviews coming soon.  Also, my good friend Drew Beckmeyer is going to be coming out with his new comic Everything Unseen (image below) via Revival House in the coming months.  The first issue of this ongoing series is going to be 50 pages!  And it’s really amazing stuff, packed with really interesting visual ideas, fresh paneling and structure, and a rich and dense story.  Rusty Jordan (image at the bottom) is also hard at work on a book for Revival House, and Trigger #2 is in the works for APE.  Though, I’ll be doing some more comics stuff between now and then including something for Nobrow over in the UK.

Otherwise I’ll have some new work up on here very shortly!


potato face

May 7, 2010

LAWeekly for Darrick Rainey, fer next week.  Look for it!