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rockin ladies

June 29, 2010

Julie Andrews, Courtney Love, a bass guitar, and Justin Bieber for a women in rock history article.  This one was for Aaron Huffman over at The Stranger!



June 22, 2010

Sorry there hasn’t been more to look at lately.  I’ve been working under the radar so to speak.  Most recently with ENCYCLOPEDIA PICTURA and GHOSTROBOT on a pretty amazing project.  I spent a week with their gang in a house Mark De Pace from Ghost Robot rented for us in Berkley.  We got to hang around at Tippet Studio and I had a super amazing blast hanging out everyone!  The project is going to be INSANE when it’s finished.  Above is something to entertain you while I work on a couple of more long term projects.  I’ll try and post a lot more in the next couple weeks!