Oodles of Newdles

Here’s a new full pager for Lou Vega at ESPN Magazine.  This one’s for a pretty great fiction story called the Bow Tie.  Really fun to work on this and to work with Lou who’s a super rad dude.  Below are some images for an upcoming Iphone App.  Each image goes with a corresponding eco-friendly theme.  Don’t want to give up too much info yet, but they’re fun to look at for now.  I’ll post the 411 at a later date.  Hope you’re all well out there.  I’ll be posting 4 pages I’m working on for TimeOut New York sooooooon…..

4 Responses to “Oodles of Newdles”

  1. vollsticks Says:

    Are you doing any more issues of Trigger? I recently got the first two issues from AdDistro and really, really dug them. Especially “Flannels Are cool Again” and “Goo Pants”. Funny stuff and I love your drawing, too. It reminds me of a few artists but has a really strong identity of it’s own, I think. Okay cheers Mr. Bertino all the best!


  2. williamhlacey Says:

    what are the odds that you have full body version of this https://mikebertino.files.wordpress.com/2011/02/1.jpg

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