Comic Con, Koyama and Revival House Press, and New Music by Me

Revival House Press and Koyama Press will be joining forces and sharing a table at San Diego Comic Con July 21-24!  Our table will be located at Q-12 in the Small Press Section and will be fully stocked with the latest and greatest from an impressive roster of artists including:

Drew Beckmeyer – Everything Unseen

Michael DeForge – Lose #3

Rusty Jordan – Shitbeams on the Loose

Steve Wolfhard – Cat Rackham

Chris “Elio” Eliopoulos – Monster Party

Dustin Harbin – Diary Comics

Wowee Zonk – Wowee Zonk

Mike Bertino – Trigger

As well as several more!

In addition, I’ve been spending some time recently making music in and out of a recording studio, and will have an artbook/CD featuring the music I’ve been working on lately! Looks like Comic Con is going to be a blast this year.  If you live in San Diego, hope to see you there!!!!!





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