Costume Party…

October 30, 2012




October 24, 2012


First in a series of several personal assignments I’ve given myself….

We’ve been in SF for a while now, knee deep in game/app/startup computer world, and I’m always wondering where it all ends up.  The turnover of phones, laptops, gizmos, and widget wigwam microchips is mind boggling!

Keep your eyes peeled!  There’s a bunch in the works and I’ll drop some pics of the McSweeny’s work I recently did to post shortly too!

Adventure Time Comic Cover!

October 8, 2012


This was fun!  I think it’s for issue #10!  More projects and work in the works!

Comic News

September 26, 2012

Erin Althea and I are both currently working on our own illustration assignments for  Mcsweeney’s at the moment.  So cool!  I’ll post that stuff up as soon as I’m able, and Trigger 3 is on it’s way, as seen below!


THIS online shoppin!

September 17, 2012

The remaining portion of the work from the THIS show is now up for sale on their website at HERE!

Grab what you can now before the work migrates north for a second showing in San Francisco in the extremely near future!


September 7, 2012

Did this fun illustration for Playboy last week for a Lisa Lampanelli article about dating women who have children.  Fun times!

THIS is Danny and me, the video…

August 30, 2012

Aaron Farley over at the gallery made this cool little video promoting the show tomorrow!  See you there!

Gold Coast Totes!

August 29, 2012


Be at the show early if you want to get a Tote from the show!  There’s a limited supply, but they’re free!!!  They’ll be some Gold Coast shirts for sale too!


A long time coming!

August 17, 2012
Hello people!  It’s been a long time.  I’ve been working on a longterm contract up in SF with, and I’m coming back to LA on Aug 31rst for a big show at THIS gallery in LA with Daniel Gibson.  Some images of incoming work and a write up for the show are below!  On a side note, I’ll be pushing a lot of new illustration work and paintings again in the near future with a new website, store, etc. etc. at!  Stay tuned, and hopefully I’ll see you in LA!
“GOLD COAST”THIS Los Angeles is pleased to present an exhibition of new work by San Francisco based artists Daniel Gibson and Mike Bertino.The show will run from Aug. 31st through Sept. 21st 2012, with an opening reception on Friday, Aug. 31st from 7:00 to 10:00pm.

“Gold Coast” is a conversation between the two of us about our experiences growing up, and living on the West Coast as adults, and specifically in California. It’s a place where many people come to turn their dreams into reality, to become superstars, rock stars, tech stars, etc. etc.  But it also has a vibe of eternal sunshine, pot smoking hippies, yoga, board shorts, hipsters, and lazy vacation style living.

There is a vortex that happens between this kind of ambition and the illusion of indifferent coolness that bastardizes everything it comes in contact with. Underground music, cultural sub genres, and/or indigenous art are just fodder for a state of cultural irrelevance that is based on aesthetic appeal and a laissez faire type attitude toward creativity.

Danny and Mike met in San Diego, while attending a city college graphic design course.  From what I gather, Mike sat up front and talked about art and other cool things, while Danny hid in the back just trying to get through class without anyone noticing.  Before they met, Mike would walk into the coffee shop where Danny worked and “peddle his TRIGGER comics to the poor people sitting at peace enjoying a book.” Mike remembers the first time he saw Danny “Like a caricature of some high school stoner metal head burn-out, a Mexican Spicoli mashed with Slayer.  I drew him in my sketchbook with a Megadeath shirt and a beany sporting a pot leaf patch on it.  Years later I found the drawing and we had a good laugh about it.”  When Danny moved to LA for art school, Mike soon followed, then he moved to San Francisco and so did Mike.

Daniel Gibson is from Imperial Valley Ca. and lives and works in sunny San Francisco.

Mike Bertino moved to LA in 2005 from San Diego to earn his BFA in illustration from Art Center College of Design in Pasadena.  He now lives and works in San Francisco.



Here we go!

January 25, 2012

So I’m now living in San Francisco! Starting a new and exciting job, and having fun so far! This city has been pretty crazy so far… Here’s a couple pics from my first day!


I’ll be posting a new painting I’m doing for THIS Gallery in LA as soon as it’s finished. The lineup for that show is going to super awesome, and include my darlin Erin Althea, so keep your eyes open!